The “Fostering Advanced Human Resource Development to Lead Green Transformation (GX)” project (hereinafter referred to as "SPRING GX"), which has been selected for and is being supported by “Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation” (SPRING) Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), will accept applications for project students who wish to enter the doctoral program (including four-year doctoral programs) at the university on April 1, 2024.

Project aims

SPRING GX aims to train a large number of Doctoral students (Approximately 600 students in the doctoral program) to become highly skilled professionals who will lead the green transformation (GX) of our society and play an active role in the realization of GX in all fields. In an environment in which curiosity-driven students with a high level of specialist knowledge and strong research skills can freely conduct pioneering and emergent research, students will understand that the future vision of society can only be GX. They will have multiple opportunities to develop an awareness of the link between their research and the issues facing society and to acquire the transferable skills needed to fully utilize their specialist expertise in their future careers.


Those who plan to enroll in the doctoral program(including 4 year doctoral program) of the university's graduate school in April 2024.
*Please refer to the application guidelines for qualifications.

Number of places

Around 350 students

Application period

From January 12, 2024 (Fri) to January 31, 2024 (Wed) by 3pm.

The server may be crowded just before the end of the application period, so please apply well in advance. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted, even if the application is still in progress.

Application guideline

[Application Guidelines for Recruitment in April 2024]


Application procedure

(1) Applicant information
Enter the required information from the applicant's website. Please select WINGS at that time.

(2) Application form
Download the designated form, fill it out, convert it to a PFD file, and upload it from the application website.

Core program

SPRING GX office provides the following core programs.

We also invite applications for self-directed and integrated project research and provide additional research funding for selected projects.

Advanced skills development programs provided by the SPRING GX Office

SPRING GX Office offers the following advanced skills development programs. Students will be selected from among the applicants.

Advanced skills development programs provided by WINGS

For SPRING GX, you will choose WINGS, which offers an advanced skills development program.

Advanced skills development programs provided by each WINGS are as follows:

[List of advanced skills development programs provided by WINGS]

When preparing the application form, please check the format carefully to make sure it is correct, as it varies depending on the WINGS you have selected.

Application form Designated form

Select Graduate School/Department and WINGS which you will enter.
* Note that the format differs depending on the WINGS you select.

※Correction of application form (2024/1/18)
There is a correction in the Quantum Science and Technology fellowship Program [Form (19_S)].

“(If you are not applying for SPRING GX program, please describe the contribution of your research and proposal in quantum science and technology. )" on the second page of the application form has been deleted. The old form before the correction will still be accepted.

Website for application

Online application form *From January 12, 2024 (Fri) to January 31, 2024 (Wed) by 3pm

FAQ (Updated as needed)

Eligibility for Application Are those who have NOT applied for JSPS DC eligible to apply for the SPRING GX?
Students who have NOT applied for JSPS DC are also eligible to apply for the SPRING GX.
Eligibility for Application Are those who receive CSC scholarships eligible to apply for the SPRING GX?
Students who receive CSC scholarships (as of April 1, 2024) are not eligible to apply for the SPRING GX.
Eligibility for Application Are those who receive Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association scholarship eligible to apply for the SPRING GX?
Students who receive Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association scholarship (as of April 1, 2024) are not eligible to apply for the SPRING GX.
Eligibility for Application I am applying for the doctoral course for admission in April 2024. Although I will not receive a decision on the admission within the application period, am I eligible to apply?
Yes. If you are applying for a doctoral course (or a four-year doctoral course) for admission in April 2024, you are eligible for this application.
Eligibility for Application I am already enrolled in a doctoral course, can I still apply?
This application is open to students who will enter the doctoral course in April 2024. Students already enrolled in the doctoral course are not eligible to apply.
Application Documents Can I make an application in English?
Yes, you can.
Application Documents I found a mistake on my application. Can I modify and submit it again?
No. Once you submit your application, you cannot change it.
Application Documents Can I resubmit my application if I cannot send it within the deadline due to poor Internet communication conditions?
No. Please submit your application well in advance.
Application Documents Can I attach reference materials to my application?
No. You cannot attach any reference materials.
Application Documents What kind of documents verifying acceptance of my papers should I attach to my application?
A copy of e-mail correspondences will suffice, if it confirms that your papers have been accepted.
Application Documents When should I submit the confirmation form of my supervisor?
You will be notified of your supervisor's confirmation form when you are selected as a SPRING GX student.
Application Documents I submitted an application, but I did not receive a reply e-mail.
Please check whether the e-mail is sorted in your spam mail folder. If you cannot find the e-mail, please contact the SPRING GX Office with your receipt number.
Application Documents I am a graduate of the School of Medicine and plan to enroll in a 4-year M.D. course. If the master's course field on the application form is not filled out, an error will occur.
The Master's course section is a required field, so if you are entering a 4-year doctoral course from a 6-year undergraduate course, please provide the same information in the Master's course section as you did for your undergraduate course.
others If I am selected as a SPRING GX student, will I belong to the WINGS program from the doctoral course?
No. SPRING GX students will not belong to WINGS, but will participate in the advanced skills development programs provided by WINGS.
others Do I need to get permission from the WINGS which I wish at the stage of applying to SPRING GX?
No. The procedure will be followed once you are selected as a SPRING GX student.
others Upon completion of this project, will there be a certificate of completion (degree-like) or will the project completion be noted on the degree certificate?
No certificate of completion will be issued. In addition, since this project is not a degree project, there will be no entry on the degree certificate. However, a certificate of project student status (including the support amount) will be issued if necessary.
others Is it possible to apply for both the SPRING GX and the “WINGS recruited from the doctoral program”?
“Global Leadership Program for Social Design and Management(WINGS-GSDM)” does not allow concurrent application. For other WINGS, please check with the respective WINGS.
others If I am selected, can I receive the scholarship together with a private scholarship?
Co-subsidization with private scholarships is possible. However, SPRING GX will not provide financial support if the student has received a sufficient level of scholarship (2.4 million yen/year) to cover living expenses. Please note that there may be cases in which the other institution does not allow the student to receive the scholarship at the same time, so please be sure to check with the institution you are receiving the scholarship from before applying.



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